Frequently Asked Questions


When will Garret The Glass Frog go live for purchase?

Garret The Glass Frog will go live 21 days after we meet our goal. We are excited to see it too! Illustrations are mapped and ready for completion. Your donation pays for vivid beautiful artwork which makes these books so worth having for a lifetime.

What age group was Garret written for?

Garret was written for ages five to eight but anyone of any age can read and appreciate Garret's story. 

Are you working on other books?

I am excited to say that we already have two more in the works! Looking forward to several books for kids with big feelings!

When can I expect Henry The Highland Cow to go live for purchase?

Any donations that go beyond our goal will be used for the production of Henry. We hope to release new books as often as we can!

How many books do you anticipate in total for this series?

We currently have eight books mapped but feel there could be many more installations, as there are so many important tools to wellness that we could be capturing with this project.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask and we will make sure get back to you soon!