Story time can be one of the most important moments of your day. Use this time with your kids  under a blanket with a big vivid book draped across your laps. Use this time to ask questions and share wisdom. You won't regret it.

Read Together

Lady Bug Books creates books that fit both your lap and your child's. Reading to our children is so beneficial to their learning. Use inflection in your voice and make it fun. Give them time to point out everything they see on the page.

Educate Children About Issues Across the Globe

Take this time to talk to your child about real world issues. Give them words of wisdom on how to cope with stressful situations and things they hear in the media.

Ask Children About Their Day

Process your child's day with them. Ask them the best part of their day and the worst part of their day.

Talk to Them About How to Manage Big Feelings

Ask them questions like "how did that make you feel?". Help them understand their bodies reaction to big feelings and give them tools like breathing, meditation, distraction and other that help them manage those emotions.

Identify Feeling Words In What They Say & Talk About It

Watch how they react when they talk about their day. Do they seem to get sad when that talk about topics? Share their excitement for the things that they loved and never forget to tell them THEY ARE LOVED


Know the Facts

It is important to know the Facts about mental health outcomes. Take a look at the new statistics put out by the CDC regarding suicide rates in children

Buy Books

My children remember all the best books, The Kissing Hand and The Giving Tree, Dr. Suess and Shiel Silverstein. They can recite them by heart. Keep books on your table that mean something, that teach lessons that make them better humans. Its a reminder for us as well