A Book for B

My name is Fawn and I am a mother of five amazing humans. Raven, Riley, Reese Ann, Ronin and my sweet Ryddy B. 

Rydic is 8 years old. He is affectionate and kind-hearted and on most evenings can be heard from the next room calling "Mom will you come cuddle me?" 

Rydic has big feelings. He gets moody and stressed out and often gets his feelings hurt. We reset together. 

We work together on coping skills, things that work for him and things that work for me. 

I decided to write a book for Rydic. A book that would teach him to love reading. Big books that drape from my lap to his, beautiful vivid artwork and concepts that he would remember.

I wanted it to be a book he would remember well into adulthood because coping skills are crucial to our wellness.  That is how Lady Bug Books came to fruition. 

I wrote Garret the Glass Frog for Rydic and then other beautiful books followed. 

My grandmother always said that when you saw a lady bug it meant "Somebody Loves You".

Help your child find the lady bugs on every page and always tell them that they are loved.

 ..and don't forget somebody loves YOU too