Fawn Preston-Holme

My Personal Journey

I am a person with a unique journey of survival and self growth. I had a pretty tough childhood and have had to find ways to navigate my emotions, circumstances and traumas. I have found tools that work for me and have come to a place where I feel happy and vibrant in my journey. 

I still have tough moments but I tough through them, or cry through them and use my coping strategies and I have more good days than bad. I love my life and I want to give that to others.

I am also proud to say I am a mother of five amazing humans and guess what, they have big feelings too.  We navigate it together. We breathe and sing. We listen to music and dance together. We use meditation and tapping and we talk daily about what we are feeling, so that they are always aware of how stress feels in their bodies. 

We talk about how happiness and love feels too. We hug a lot. I want them to always know that they are loved and to have the tools to keep them happy and healthy.

My Work

I have been working with individuals with complex trauma and post traumatic stress disorder for the last 15 years. As a person with my own journey, I can offer a different perspective than someone who has never experienced trauma. 

I help others find what works for them and offer encouragement, education and resources along the way as they navigate their recovery. I also work with systems, implementing and improving wellness initiatives to keep us healthy mind, body and spirit.

My Mission

My mission is to get meaningful books into the hands of children everywhere. Books that groom coping skills that will help them for a lifetime. As a child who has experienced foster care, there is a special  place in my heart for those kiddos and I would love to get my books into the hands of those children as well. Help us get books about big feelings into the hands of children everywhere. 

From one foster child to another, you are special, you are important, you are loved.